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Almost all of my pictures have been taken with an iphone 3GS, a Canon TSi or a Nikon D3000. Surprisingly my iphone has captured some amazing landscape shots, which are my favorite type of photos to capture. You'll notice most of my photography takes place in Washington, and they are mostly seasonal landscape shots. Enjoy!

Home sweet Home, Tacoma WA
Gig Harbor, WA
American Lake, WA
River Road, WA

Titlow Beach, WA
Skansi Park, WA
Seattle Center, WA
Point Defiance, WA
Mt. Rainier, WA
Paradise Lake, WA
North Tacoma, WA
Macrina Bakery, Seattle WA
My parents house, Gig Harbor WA
My bedroom
Home in Gig Harbor, WA
Ocean Shores, WA
Narrows Bridge, WA
Home in Gig Harbor, WA
N. Cedar and N. 14th, Tacoma WA
Capitol Hill, WA
Volunteer Park, WA
Molly and my TOMS
Mom and Lucy
Marriot Hotel, Seattle WA
Logger Trail Mt. Rainier, WA
Little Henry, Savannah GA - As seen on : It's a wonderful life
The old bedroom

Harbor Heights, Gig Harbor WA
My mother, Happy 48th Birthday!
Puyallup, WA
Fife Way, WA
A cookie exchange
My yard this summer
Ruston Way Waterfront, WA
Lucy Lou
Flying into Houston Texas!
Ruston Way, WA
Caffe Vita
Elliot Bay Waterfront, WA
Gig Harbor, WA
Boise, ID
Home Sweet Tacoma
Winter snow fall, Gig Harbor
My mini tree
The calm after the storm
My dresser

Titlow Park, WA
The secret garden.

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