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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my season is coming

All though I love Summer, I am ready for the fall fashion. It's when I dress best, considering I don't have a bikini bod and I am not comfortable in shorts... therefore, I am ready for slouchy sweaters, long sleeves, boot cut jeans and BOOTS! I want all of these! My birthday is coming up and I leave for Vegas soon! I am so excited for this season. I have a new job, and it will be so nice not working in the mall for the holidays... I won't go crazy spending money on food and clothes that I don't need. I can then save for shoes I actually want. I better start soon, it sucks being a size 9.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer nights

I stole my parents fire pit back in July and for the first few sunny weeks I had that fire rocking! We had some get together's and we saw some really crazy weather at night. A lot of unusual lightening storms. It was pretty cool. I can't wait until I have my own home when I can have a big in ground fire pit and a gathering area... or "tribal counsel" area as some like to call it. I keep envisioning my backyard with this jacuzzi and pool. I want this great patio area for dining and a built in barbeque/kitchen area. I know i'll have that someday, with some great view of the ocean, I really need to get my college gears rolling and start focusing on this future of mine.

Photo Diva

I've realized I love taking photos of myself at night which actually isn't a good thing because I always look really creepy at night...

Papa's 80th

My Grandpa had his 80th birthday last month and I forgot to post the photos!
My cousin, my sister and I.
Happy Late Birthday Papa!

The Narrows bridge.

Not many people outside of Washington know the story of "Galloping Gerty" or the "Narrows bridge" but it once collapsed. Growing up in the Northwest, most people have seen the sight of the "Narrows Bridge". I have been lucky to go over the thing my entire life, living across one side and having a social life on the other. In 2006 they put up a second bridge on the left side of the original, which also added a lovely $4.00 toll. At the beginning of this summer they hiked the toll up to $5.00...!!!! and $4.00 for residents. I started working across the bridge so between gas and toll, I'm spending over $150 a month just to work! Seems kind of unnecessary... but at least I get to witness these beautiful views... for now, i'm okay with it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New beginnings and bittersweet ends

I was conflicted for a while, really stressed out about working at Macy's and hating my job so much. Anytime someone would ask, "hows macys?" i'd say "hate it". EVERYTIME! The company just wasn't what I was wanting and after two years, I finally said my goodbyes this week and put in my notice. I was planning on having two jobs but then fate knocked on my window and handed me this amazing job at "Menchies Frozen Yogurt", that doesn't sound like much to a lot of people but i'm only 20. I have to be in school and have a flexible job so that one day I can have an amazing career. I have to say, my boss, my coworkers and my roll in this company is amazing. I know I have only been working here for 3 weeks, but I am so happy. All the stress that I had been feeling was lifted off of my shoulders as soon as I stepped in that door. Our grand opening is on the 19th, and my boss has asked me to be one of his leading people. (in training for now)... I'm glad that this happened before fall. because working at the mall was stressful, I hated my manager and I ate all the time! And had a shopping problem... i'll miss all of my friends at Macy's but I love Menchies so much more. It's time to move forth so that I can be in school and own my own business in the next 5 years!

Friday, August 10, 2012

That looks so sun-setty

It's so funny living in Tacoma, how different the views are on this side of the sound. I'm from the woods in Gig Harbor, Washington. Not really, but I live surrounded by lots of trees. My views were constantly covered by shadows growing up, which always bummed me out when the sun was rising or setting. I love living in the city because I live on the top floor of our house and my window faces the sunset. It's so beautiful at night. I recently moved my room around a little... and now my bed faces the windows to the street. It's constantly glowing in my room and I am always getting the perfect views of the sky. I must look so creepy with my camera facing the neighborhood out of my window...
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