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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The grudge?

I, like many others... am so obsessed with Pinterest. I can't ever get enough, whether I am bored or laying around watching TV, even on my breaks at work. I am so fascinated by the things you could possibly do to be creative, or the things I could pursue in hopes of being somewhat artistic. My biggest pin obsession lately has been the photography tip pins. I really want to know how to take better portraits, so I pin tutorials but never learn to use them. Here I bought this beautiful camera and I barely know how to use the dang thing. Of course I know how to aim and shoot, but that is only one of one million things I need to know. I was talking yesterday about self portraits and taking shots of yourself without trying to look bored or vein, or like you are setting a shot up without "meaning it". Like smiling away from the lens, as if something is there to smile at. It's all so corny, but when the shot is actually created and edited... it usually can turn out so nice. My real focus needs to be how to re-learn photo shop. I learned back in high school, I took 3 semesters of digital photography and I even aced the class. I just can't remember any of it, nor am I willing to learn. I feel like there is a more simple way of taking photos. I am hoping one day to have my own dark room and camera collection. Film cameras to be exact. I would be so much more enthusiastic about those types of shots, and developing them on my own. One day, I will.
   Lately I am really fascinated by black and white photos, and am really anxious to start taking pictures of my roommates and framing them around the blank walls in the house. . . which happens to be ALL of the walls. My problem is, every time I try and take a close up B&W photo, it turns out looking like the grudge, or the girl from the ring. Or maybe that's just me.


If you live in Western Washington then you know that sunny days and clear skies are not only rare but also extremely valuable. When you have a day off, and 80 degree day and time on your hands then you better consider yourself one lucky son of a gun. Luckily for me, I had that beautiful Washington day off and I used it to my full advantage, I started my morning by heading down to Ruston way and walking around, making daisy crowns. If you don't know already, "Ruston way" is the local waterfront here in Tacoma and it's absolutely breathtaking. In fact, anywhere here in Washington on a sunny day is precious because it's so green here and there is so much to look at.

The rest of my day consisted of hanging out with my roommates down at another waterfront called "Titlow beach", it was so nice out that we just layed around drinking energy drinks and soaking up the sun. I cherish days like these because they are so rare, and I wish I had taken more photos because who knows when we will have another 80 degree day in May!

Monday, May 28, 2012

crazy girls.

Narrows View, Emma & Chloe

My eleven year old sister and her friend wanted to go to the beach on our last sunny day here in pierce county (hopefully not our last, last) and it was super funny to watch them play around, it just made me think about the times I used to hangout with my girl friends and the smallest things were able to keep us entertained. I wonder sometimes, what it would have been like to have an older sister who could drive me around and take me places. I was an only child at my sisters age so I never had any type of mentor to go to or anything like that. It would probably be better for me to hangout with my sister more often than I do because it's what I would have wanted. All though my sister and I are so different, I still see similar qualities. I love that little nerd.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mariner's Game

I forgot to post the photo's from the opening Mariner's game that Lacey, Lindsay and I went to back in April! Here are the pics :)

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