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Thursday, May 31, 2012


If you live in Western Washington then you know that sunny days and clear skies are not only rare but also extremely valuable. When you have a day off, and 80 degree day and time on your hands then you better consider yourself one lucky son of a gun. Luckily for me, I had that beautiful Washington day off and I used it to my full advantage, I started my morning by heading down to Ruston way and walking around, making daisy crowns. If you don't know already, "Ruston way" is the local waterfront here in Tacoma and it's absolutely breathtaking. In fact, anywhere here in Washington on a sunny day is precious because it's so green here and there is so much to look at.

The rest of my day consisted of hanging out with my roommates down at another waterfront called "Titlow beach", it was so nice out that we just layed around drinking energy drinks and soaking up the sun. I cherish days like these because they are so rare, and I wish I had taken more photos because who knows when we will have another 80 degree day in May!

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