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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


In 20 years I have never been able to french braid, alas... I have learned!

Thanks Pinterest, Love you!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowboarding Experiences

So I went snowboarding with the fam-bam yesterday and needless to say, it was the hardest thing I have ever tried. I love it, but I hate that it pretty much broke my toe, bruised my tailbone and scarred my knee.... BUT yippee lets do it again! Also, I was so bummed going up and down the same lift over and over again.... I kept looking up to the higher lifts wishing I was able to take myself to the top like I do when I go skiing, but I promised myself I would suck it up and learn to board the right way! I am def. ready to try again but boy am I sore! Plus, it snowed like absolute crazy while I was there, and mom gave up considering her old age. (KIDDING!)... and little sis took to it like it was riding a bike... it's probably a natural passed down talent for her. Can't wait till next time!

Here are some unedited pics from the trip!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A snowy walk :)

Yesterday when it snowed, Lindsay and I went for a walk to the grocery store to get some cake mix, we also ate some lunch at the Metropolitan Market and got some coffee, the walk was gorgeous and it definitely worked my calves, it was some serious cardio. People were out walking there dogs and sledding, even snow shoeing! It was great.

Happy snow day !

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 3, The perfect storm and a birthday!

This day was so perfect, I was scheduled for work but definitely could not go because around 3am it started to dump snow and when I woke up this morning it was completely covered in a at least a foot of snow. I heard there were a ton of accidents but the streets were so beautiful and there were so many people just out playing and walking around and I had snowball fights and even made a snowman! It was the perfect day.

Today is my Dad's birthday :) Happy birthday Dad! I love you!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 2!

Beautiful Morning

 Beautiful night

Monday, January 16, 2012

Unexpected but Beautiful!

So I thought the saying was "Red sky at night sailors delight?" Because the other night and was gorgeous when I got home and the days prior had been so sunny, all though unpredictable because it IS Washington after all.

 Then the next morning I woke up to this...

Not that this wasn't the most DELIGHTFUL GIFT EVER!
This was only day one, and it happened about an hour before I headed to work hence "Macy's.

Creative Sister

My little sister is pretty damn creative and has been able to draw since she was real young, which is something her and I do NOT have in common, I couldn't draw if I tried real real hard. (Can't say the same about her spelling) haha. (Sorry Emma).

One thing I can say about projects when I was little is that my mom always came up with some really creative ideas to help me out. But this time she helped my sis make a little project and I took pictures because it looked so cool!

It's all made from sand, clay and little jewels!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where have I been?

So it's been about two weeks since I posted anything worth mentioning... like the awesome Tacoma polar bear jump but I have been working like crazy... also I have been non stop watching Tv shows that I have become a little addicted to. (okay.. a lot addicted) 
Lets just say that the ABC show's "Revenge", "Once upon a time" and "Switched at birth" are now on my list of top favorite TV shows... I literally became so anxious for new episodes that I may have illegally downloaded the seasons... but today I am sad to say that I didn't watch any. I should really be proud.

Also, today we received some snow outbursts here in Western Washington, which was amazing! Unfortunately I had to work all day but the snow gods knew I couldn't play in it until around 6pm so they paused the blizzard until I was able to get out into it. Of course on the way to my parents house tonight I spun around on the I-5 freeway and almost became part of a four car pile up already raveling up about thirty feet ahead of me.. but luckily I am the one Washington driver that understands the "When icey, pump your breaks" technique. You would honestly think as drivers of Washington we would be able to handle a little snow and ice... considering we can brave storms 364 days a year and hurricane type rains but can't drive decently in this stuff! (over exaggeration). See how I did that < haha.... but really... it was quite embarrassing when I was working and said "hey look! it's a blizzard out there" and my customers from the east coast glanced over at me like I was an idiot... (sigh)
Now I understand why people will show up at the mall in this weather... because they aren't from around these parts. Makes sense now!

Anyhow, I have a couple more long work days this week and I will be back to shooting photo's and obsessing over blogs and such. My new found obsessions for the week are :
1. ABC TV shows
2. Pinterest Outfit inspirations
3. The canon T2i

which reminds me... it's almost tax time which means
I will soon be deciding between the Nikon D3100 or the canon T2i for my new love. So excited! Also, a real college test next week and some dental work... wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


On a side note : this message gave me goosebumps.
Also, I will be blogging again soon enough :) thanks

Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Year.

It's been one year to the day that Lindsay and I have been together.

This was the first picture we took together back in 2009 when we first got together.
So young (;
Happy one whole year LRM ♥ !

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January TV show challenge.

So this year in my free time I am going to try and watch the first seasons of each the TV shows that I have said look stupid or rediculous. I usually speak before I try them out and then end up loving them... for example... "Dexter", "Grey's Anatomy" and "Awkward"... so I am going to put my foot down and watch 15 different TV shows. I know, NOT the best way to spend my time...but I want to know what all the fuss is about... and it's a good way to relax after the gym and before bed (;

#1. The walking dead
#2. Mad men
#3. Breaking bad
#4. Once upon a time
#5. Raising hope
#6. New girl
#7. American Horror Story
#8. The killing
#9. The finder
#10. Bones
#11. Revenge
#12. The river
#13. Last man standing
#14. Don't trust the B in apt. 23
#15. Private Practice

:) Don't judge me!

& if you haven't already seen them you can try these 5 TV shows, some of my personal faves :

Grey's Anatomy.  Dexter.  Awkward.  My life as Liz.  Misfits.

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