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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the New Year.

Lately I have been eating like an absolute pig, but mostly because the Holiday's bring in unavoidable delicious foods that you long for all year round, so naturally I have been diving into the sweets and carbs. I do really need to learn how to cook! I did however join the gym at the beginning of December and really have gone almost every single day with the exception of this last week.... But those two habits are certainly going to change because I want to lose at least 15lbs before summer and tone up everything! Also! I want to be healthier which means those puffs of cigarette that I occasionally sneak when under the influence are going to be NO MORE!

I plan to get my GED this month considering it's already been paid for! So if I am going to start school, I need to start budgeting like crazy! Plus, I plan on buying a brand new camera so I can take more pictures and make a movie, paying off all of my debt and going on a road trip! Most likely I will need some cash to take the photography class I want to take and go on the vacations I want to.

Also! I turn 21 this year and my mom will be aging right along with me so the plan is to go all out in Las Vegas, hopefully by then I am in school and have begun a new job! I want to barista again but also wouldn't mind something totally new and fresh! I'd really like to learn to become a better blogger, it's just a matter of reading more about it! Which I should probably try more of also, because I hate reading!

I plan on snowboarding, hiking, biking and running this year and I know that it WILL happen! Also drinking more water is a must because you can't really maintain health when you're dehydrated. I am going to try and make some new friends this year as well as spending more time with the people already in my life like my grandparents whom I hardly see these days at all... maybe go and visit my cousins and east coast family. I also want to go on vacations with my Mom and Dad before the year is up.

.... I really want to freakin accomplish these goals!
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