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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowboarding Experiences

So I went snowboarding with the fam-bam yesterday and needless to say, it was the hardest thing I have ever tried. I love it, but I hate that it pretty much broke my toe, bruised my tailbone and scarred my knee.... BUT yippee lets do it again! Also, I was so bummed going up and down the same lift over and over again.... I kept looking up to the higher lifts wishing I was able to take myself to the top like I do when I go skiing, but I promised myself I would suck it up and learn to board the right way! I am def. ready to try again but boy am I sore! Plus, it snowed like absolute crazy while I was there, and mom gave up considering her old age. (KIDDING!)... and little sis took to it like it was riding a bike... it's probably a natural passed down talent for her. Can't wait till next time!

Here are some unedited pics from the trip!

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