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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where have I been?

So it's been about two weeks since I posted anything worth mentioning... like the awesome Tacoma polar bear jump but I have been working like crazy... also I have been non stop watching Tv shows that I have become a little addicted to. (okay.. a lot addicted) 
Lets just say that the ABC show's "Revenge", "Once upon a time" and "Switched at birth" are now on my list of top favorite TV shows... I literally became so anxious for new episodes that I may have illegally downloaded the seasons... but today I am sad to say that I didn't watch any. I should really be proud.

Also, today we received some snow outbursts here in Western Washington, which was amazing! Unfortunately I had to work all day but the snow gods knew I couldn't play in it until around 6pm so they paused the blizzard until I was able to get out into it. Of course on the way to my parents house tonight I spun around on the I-5 freeway and almost became part of a four car pile up already raveling up about thirty feet ahead of me.. but luckily I am the one Washington driver that understands the "When icey, pump your breaks" technique. You would honestly think as drivers of Washington we would be able to handle a little snow and ice... considering we can brave storms 364 days a year and hurricane type rains but can't drive decently in this stuff! (over exaggeration). See how I did that < haha.... but really... it was quite embarrassing when I was working and said "hey look! it's a blizzard out there" and my customers from the east coast glanced over at me like I was an idiot... (sigh)
Now I understand why people will show up at the mall in this weather... because they aren't from around these parts. Makes sense now!

Anyhow, I have a couple more long work days this week and I will be back to shooting photo's and obsessing over blogs and such. My new found obsessions for the week are :
1. ABC TV shows
2. Pinterest Outfit inspirations
3. The canon T2i

which reminds me... it's almost tax time which means
I will soon be deciding between the Nikon D3100 or the canon T2i for my new love. So excited! Also, a real college test next week and some dental work... wish me luck!

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