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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Narrows bridge.

Not many people outside of Washington know the story of "Galloping Gerty" or the "Narrows bridge" but it once collapsed. Growing up in the Northwest, most people have seen the sight of the "Narrows Bridge". I have been lucky to go over the thing my entire life, living across one side and having a social life on the other. In 2006 they put up a second bridge on the left side of the original, which also added a lovely $4.00 toll. At the beginning of this summer they hiked the toll up to $5.00...!!!! and $4.00 for residents. I started working across the bridge so between gas and toll, I'm spending over $150 a month just to work! Seems kind of unnecessary... but at least I get to witness these beautiful views... for now, i'm okay with it.

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