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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh my goodness...

So a day after Lacey's birthday she goes to the gym that I used to work at and gets her damn car broken into! Her purse was stolen with her wallet and phone inside. She also had some semi important things scattered throughout her bag and a sentimental purse she brought home from Colorado. After coming home in a short panic and dealing with the broken glass in her car, my other roomie and I decided it'd be best if we went back to the "crime scene" and check it out, make sure there wasn't anything left behind. When we got home, Lacey had already canceled her phone, and her bank accounts... but the funny thing was when we looked at her bank acct. online, it said there had been two $1 transactions at a shell station near the mall.... so all though it was almost midnight... we decided why not try and ask around at the shell station to see if anyone had been caught on camera or maybe the purse was tossed around. Unfortunately after talking to the gas station man and searching the trash cans we were about to give up when we saw a dumpster near the car wash area of the station. My roommate Steve hops on in and looks around and sure enough, there are Lacey's wallet, purse, ID, red box movies and all. Only thing missing was her debit card and her phone... which are both replaceable... but damn did we feel like we solved a crime.
Be careful and don't keep anything valuable in your car ya'll.
Not everyone will be as lucky as this girl, someone was clearly looking out for her.

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