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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pacific Northwest Sunsets

I've been wanting to move away from Washington since the time I realized where I was living. I have wanted to live in Southern California since I was young, not only because my OBSESSION with Disney but also because my parents have taken me all over, and I fell in love. I really find Portland to be beautiful and liberal and that's really what I am looking for. I almost moved to Arizona back in 2009 but thankfully I didn't. Although Phoenix and Scottsdale were absolutely beautiful, I am glad I chose to stay. To much heat, to many spiders and I can't walk my pup without her having to have little booties on! I've thought about the East Coast, but in dead honesty... the natural disasters that happen on that side of this country terrify me. I love New York, I hope to stay there sometime for a good part of the summer. I want to travel to North and South Carolina with my parents and my grandparents but I don't think i'd ever live there. I've heard the beaches in Michigan are beautiful and I've been to Savannah but couldn't stand the humidity. I've only ever been to Texas once, and I didn't see anything beautiful about it but i've heard stories. Colorado looks amazing and I think sometime in the Winter I would like to travel through there and go skiing. Also, hiking looks like it would be challenging in Montana, but i'd love to do it. I've also heard nothing but good things about Nebraska, yet it's just another place I would like to visit. Moving is permanent, it freaks me out but I want to move so badly. I have lived her for 21 years, that's practically a quarter of my life in the same place. I know Washington well, and i've seen everything i've wanted to see. The only times I think I want to stay is when I see visions like the one I saw last night.... the sunsets in the Pacific Northwest are breathtaking. Mountain views and pink skies... I couldn't imagine not living where I do. I am torn.
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