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Thursday, November 7, 2013

RageCrew Unite!

To make a LONG story short, my friend Sara's brother passed away a few days before Halloween. It was sudden and it was traumatic. Unfortunately Sara's mom was in Mexico when it happened so Sara had to fly there to be with her. (It's their second home)... Through all of this was massive chaos. Flight issues, passport problems... but in the end we got her there. It was a hard week without her, considering none of us really knew how she was going to be when she got home. It all happened SO FAST. Thankfully a week went by and Tuesday night arrived...The plan was that I was going to pick up Sara from the airport, little did she know that I was going to also be bringing along the ENTIRE rage-crew to support her with me. When she came up the gate, this is what she saw... All of her closest friends waiting for her with flowers and cards, and a sign saying "Keep your head up" which are lyrics from one of Sara's favorite songs/artists. This is when you know you're supported. We love you Sara bug!
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