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Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Important people.

There really isn't anything I love more than taking pictures of this guy when he's not looking, or to capture those pearly whites when he notices. Such a funny guy, such a good friend.
Meet Grant. (Granimal)
Wanna know about a stand up guy with big dreams, an adventurous spirit, a passion for artistic abilities, a really, really brilliant mind and love for one of the worst teams in baseball? This is the guy! 
My favorite thing about you is that you're colorblind, yet you have the photographic talent and eye of a genius. It reminds me that you are human.

Say hello to Sara!
This extremely photogenic beauty has more heart than anyone I know.
She's easy to adore because of her willingness to do anything for anyone and showing just how much she cares each time she does it.
She's strong willed and she has one hell of a powerful soul.
A giant desire to travel, enough said.
My favorite thing about you is that you refuse to give up and you right you wrongs no matter what you're feeling.
You're sassy, you're loud and you're a perfect person.

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