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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

20th Birthday!

 Kyle's 18th :)

 Thanks Dad :)
Love you dad!

I had the best 20th!
I know I am so young, but I feel older now! For once, I didn't want anything big for my birthday I just wanted to do some fun things. I hungout with Lindsay for the first night and we went to her parents house. Her mom Zoe gave me a really sweet handmade necklace and made me a "Kelsey" with was a mixture of Tequila and grenadine I think? Either way, it was delicious! I also got to go out to mexican dinner and I had dinner with my parents because my mom and I have the exact same birthday! We went to "Mizu" which was a japanese steakhouse. It was SO GOOD! I loved it, and I had a wonderful cake and some ice cream back at my parents house in Gig Harbor. My mom got me an SLR camera and I wanted to die out of excitement. I acted like a brat when I recived it though, which I still regret :( sorry mom! Ironically enough, my step brother and I have the same birthday too... so we had the most perfect cupcakes and ice cream at my dad's house! All in all... it was pretty much perfect!
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