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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adoption is always an Option.

                    In the future when My partner and I decide to take that big, giant step into marriage or here in Washington what we call "a domestic partnership"... we both want to have kids. I always think of my future baby names and it stresses me out. I must have a handful of boy names and the same amount of girl names picked out.  But unfortunatly I have no boy names planned as of yet. I definitely want something classy and fitting to my childs personality. Cheesy? Maybe. My girl names just so happen to be Scarlett, Penelope, Laynee, Stella, Nora and Lucy (Lucille).  The only boy names I have picked out so far are Oscar and Jack... Above all, The hardest step in the whole process will be whether or not her or I are even able to get pregnant and have children. We want our own babies but of course we know Adoption will ALWAYS be an option! A big one.

Or something like that!
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