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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Com' on.

                As it is Thursday morning and I have no work I have been just lounging in bed all morning anticipating the arrival of the Comcast technician who is now, 1 hour and 25 minutes behind schedule… I can't help but sit and read blog after blog. Now until I become a little more creative and am able to personify my blog the way i'd like, I am going to be stuck jotting daily ideas instead of writing more in depth detailed stories. What I really wanted to add in this post was how much I appreciate the responses on my twitter and email from the interior design bloggers who have been replying to my desperate "redecorating my living room" posts. I am purposely keeping myself on a fairly low budget because I know that A. I do not have the money to be prioritizing towards new housing decor and B. I know that I can be thrifty and creative on my own without those things. Now I will admit I do need some new picture frames, maybe a rug and a floor lamp or two, but other then that I should be able to plan it out on my own. After all, my career path is leading towards Interior Design.  The only real problem I have when designing, is wandering off into other things because the ideas are too much for my brain, you know.. changing subjects… speaking of, the cable guy has arrived!
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