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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A night of burs!

Ignore the logo, these are most definitely IPA's! Yummmm!

Had to feature Ms. Bear

           One of my favorite things to do when I know for sure that I don't have work the following day, is to sit down and relax with a nice cold IPA! I never realized until I moved to Tacoma how much I hate light beers. I was never much of a beer fan either! I feel like a teeny bit of a "beer snob" when my conversations consist of my beverage preferences and I am not even of age to be legally consuming alcohol. So we will just pretend like they are N/A!
 On a side note: Have you ever drank "Total Domination IPA?" It's amazing! I would also have to say that Oregon brewed porters are delicious and Ms. Lindsay's favorite. She most commonly drinks"Black Bute Porter" which I also enjoy. It's also fun to drink an espresso brewed beer and a locally brewed ALE, they usually taste nice and fresh. Lucky for me, I live with 23 year olds... so these nights are quite common.
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