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Monday, October 31, 2011

Flash back to Georgia!

Georgia Georgia
I wasn't "blogging" when I went to Georgia this summer, but I had a really good time so why not write about it? First off, I was extremely nervous because I was going to fly for the first time in a year, secondly it was June and I had never been to the South in the Summertime. I've heard nothing but sweaty miserable horror stories, but it was nothing of the sort! I went with Lindsay because her brother and sister-in-law live in Savannah, so we wanted to visit! I had never met them before and I happened to get my plane ticket late so my flight flew in first! That meant spending a WHOLE 5 hours with a family who never had even heard my voice, but of course... they were the sweetest people in the world! When my plane landed in Savannah, it was pouring rain and around 95 degrees outside! There were rocking chairs to sit on outside the airport, so I knew I was going to enjoy the wait.
When Ghari and Allie picked me up from the airport I got to meet baby Henry! I have not seen a cuter and more gleaming baby since! He immediately stunned me with his bright personality, talking and laughing. Ghari and I picked Linds up around 11:30 that night and they stayed up for a while catching up.

The next day we got up and went for a walk to the coffee shop, the funniest thing was the night before the streets were literally flooded from all the rain and we had to park kind of far away from the house. I remember thinking, GREAT... we are going to have to walk everywhere! Little did I know, I loved walking in Georgia and the rain had disappeared the next day. It's really flat in Savannah and there isn't anywhere that isn't beautiful. I was barely in a car that week because we ended up walking or riding our bikes almost everywhere, except for when we had Henry! We went to really good southern restaurants each night and during the day we wandered Savannah. The city was gorgeous and completely Victorian looking. Parks were in the middle of every street way, and there was cobblestone all over the place! We went on a ride on a ferry through the river, ate red rice and grits. I even experienced the flea market which was the coolest/hottest place I've been!

Our last night in Savannah we went out to the beach, we ate in this cool restaurant right on the ocean and afterward took our drinks outside and watched fireworks and took pictures. The next day happened to be fourth of July so there was a lot of life out in Georgia that weekend!
Henry was always the life of the party and we definitely didn't mind, he never fails to impress with his abilities to be the cutest baby alive! It was one of the best trips I could have been on this summer, I loved Georgia and I love the Marrs!
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