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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Starbucks Thoughts.

So first of all I want to say how noisy this little coffee shop is, out of all Starbucks in the world I picked the tiny one. But another thing to share is the fact that I remembered this morning how to code my blog! I use to be such a Myspace nerd and that is where I learned all of my "internet coding". I am so glad I remembered because I want to be able to change my blog as I go, and I have this perfect used camera that my parents recently purchased for me for my 20th birthday, so lets just say... I am ready to party. (with my camera). I want to share my pictures, and my ideas as I get the hang of this site. So bare with me, because there is so much more to come! Another thing, where did the "turkey cranberry pesto" sandwich go! Am I totally behind? I asked for it and the girl looked at me with a look of annoyance and confusion ... and said "um, huh?"... So disappointing. The one time I decide to give Starbucks a fighting chance.. they go and let me down! Sigh.
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