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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nighty Night

            I tend to wander off at night, and once I am parked in a position I tend to stay there for a few long hours, all though my cold does give me an excuse to lounge around. Last night there was a great excuse to get up off the couch, because there was this pretty night sky happening right in my living room window!
    I wish I would have captured more sunny night skies. I had so many good opportunities this summer. I regret not doing more things, like camping or bike riding more. We talked about it so much but now it's long over, and I never did it as much as I had hoped, I need a resolution! Maybe to ride my bike more, maybe to take more beautiful pictures of the night skies like this (but better), or perhaps even to start investing in something big, like SCHOOL! That is a whole different story… dun dun dun.
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