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Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's about 11:00 pm and I am exhausted, yet can not bring myself to march up the stairs into my bedroom. So, for now I will sit on the living room couch listening to the sounds of commercials, cat toys rolling and weaving through the dining room chairs and my little lady sleeping. It's a funny thing, having two cats. I am not a cat person, and let my specify that... I do not like living with cats. Yes, they are much cleaner then other animals, but so is a gold fish. I just can not stand the random mood swings of a rambunctious kitten. Somehow I've ended up being enclosed with TWO fur balls. I am definitely a dog person, I love the personality of a puppy rather then a cat. I would like to take my cat for a walk and see her catch a stick. I will be honest, our oldest kitten "Bear" is almost a dog. I am warming up to her tendencies. She will fetch a ball, she will chase a bug and she will come when you call her. Good enough I suppose.
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