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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Weekend!

Carved a pumpkin that didn't turn out quite right!


Had a roommate party!


 Made homemade macaroni and cheese and memorized the recipe!
Mom taught me to make pumpkin pie, Delicious!

worked until 11:30pm.....
& last but NOT least, Did a "photo booth" photo shoot with my baby sis!

got up and worked from 10-6:30 and gotta get up tomorrow to work from 10-7:30!
Needless to say, it was a pretty effective weekend and I worked a good amount, but now I am exhausted and so excited to go to bed tonight!

Side note: I haven't stopped looking yet because I haven't done all my research but I really want a Nikon D-3100 DSLR. People keep telling me to sell my Olympus but I just can't. My mom gave it to me for my 20th birthday *bless her heart* and for that reason alone, I just won't ever part with it! So my next big buy will be the Nikon! I've heard great reviews about the video-shooting capabilities! Please, if you have any great suggestions on good DSLR's that shoot HD video quality, let me know!

Hope everyone had a great fall weekend!

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