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Friday, June 8, 2012


My accomplishments for 2011 felt to small :
Moving out. Quitting Smoking.
Quitting Soda. (RIP DIET COKE). Getting a root canal. (ow) Getting a new job. Getting a new tattoo. Getting a kitten. Creating a blog. Going somewhere I hadn't been. (Georgia). Walking in Seattle pride. I know, THERE ARE A FEW... but not enough!

My best accomplishment was growing out my hair long enough to feel okay with getting a haircut...

I have been breaking out like crazy lately. EW! I think it's because I have over loaded on sugar, junk, stress and bills. Unhappy with my job, my friendships and relationships! I feel like there is a lot more I could be doin and I need to take control of my own life! Because well, it's mine! So I made a goal list. Now obviously, this isn't the first goal list I have made... but it is the first one I am hoping to stick with! I am able to motivate myself if I feel like I have seen an improvement. For example, I quit smoking last year, and did for a long time. Due to recent events, I sort of picked it back up but because it gives me headaches and a cough... I've decided to cut it out of my life once again! I also quit drinking soda last March, and if I was to add the total cans of soda together that I have consumed in the last year and a half... It would probably add up to one can. Go me! But actually, this time I really want to crack down. Not a 3 week high at the gym every morning or a job that I hate just for the money... I want a change!
and - get a fourth tattoo.
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