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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seattle Pride

It's probably super weird to people looking in from the outside seeing all of my pictures from Seattle Pride Festival. If you have never been to a "gay pride" parade or festival, you need to go to one ASAP! Even if you aren't a supporter, it can be GREAT people watching and there are really great people there! And NO! not everyone is gay!Also, it probably looks really cliche with the rainbows and balloons but that's just the parade for you.
Because I work with Macy's, Lindsay and I got to walk in the parade with Macy's. It was our second year actually walking in the parade, which was special as a couple. More Tacoma Macy's people walked this year so I was surrounded by friends and even my roommate Lacey decided to walk and show her spirit.  We enjoyed the crowds and the people, and the weather was surprisingly PERFECT! Thanks Washington.
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