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Sunday, June 3, 2012

My shows.

Slowly ranting... about nothing. Be warned.
If I could eat toffee flavored popcorn, gummy bears and drink rock stars every night, then my TV show watching experience would be much more fulfilling.. all though I must say, the TV shows I had been watching have come to a 2012 ending. Which in my case, totally blows because it gives me NO excuse to lay around on the couch "catching up". I actually have to get up and leave the house. (How productive). What am I suppose to do before bed? How many reruns of L word and family guy can I actually watch? ... No, that is a real question... How many shows will Hulu allow me to watch, because i'm getting concerned. Is it like 4 or 5? ...
I am however, looking forward to the 3rd season of the "Real L word" which should be coming out in Mid-July. How typical of me right? Yeah, I know I am the cliche. I just can't live vicariously enough through the raunchy lives of promiscuous, LA lesbians! I do think if you haven't already, every one of you need to watch Revenge, Grimm and Once upon a time. They are all so good! Completely fiction, non realistic and fantasized, but still incredibly addicting. Also Greys Anatomy, Dexter, The lying game... I haven't really understood the idea of the shows, "American Horror Story" and "The River" yet... they both confuse and scare me all at the same time.  Lindsay and I have gotten into "The big C" and "Workaholics", those both are really interesting and hilarious! I really enjoy watching America's got talent this year, realizing how little talent americans actually have. Touch has turned out to be quite brilliant, and I am looking forward to the return of MTV's awkward and Teen Mom. Which reminds me, "The real housewives of OC" is on in 5 minutes! Or is it "Keeping up with the Karadashians" ? :)
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