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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

6 weeks. and 8 days.

Today is 6 weeks without coffee or red meat, both an addiction of mine.
Today is also 8days until my 21st birthday and I couldn't be anymore excited.
..and since we are counting down days, it's 3 days until my "sister-in-law-to-be"'s bacholorette party.
10 days until my brothers lovely wedding and 15 days until my roommate, Lacey and I leave for a much needed vacation to Las Vegas with my parents.
This upcoming fall is going to be amazing.

10 Fall goals :
-Eat healthier to lose 10 pounds by December
-Start one savings account for traveling and one for savings!
-Weekend in Portland, (Brewery tasting)
-Stay the night in Bellingham and hike
-Photograph EVERYTHING!
-Go to at least 3 haunted houses then carve pumpkins with friends!
-Blog twice a week, but shoot for four times.
-Get my passport
-Register for school
-Buy a new phone

Sounds doable to me.
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