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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tree Cutting

Every year we go to the same tree farm and cut our trees as a family, with the grandparents, the kids and the grand kids. It is a definite tradition, we have been doing it since a I was just a baby... and each year we eat chili and chowder and dine together as a giant family. (run on sentence, sorry!) This year cutting the Christmas tree was an adventure, Kim (my mother) got a little too excited, my cousin and I came really hungover due to previous festivities, but hey... it's all in the season right? Ever since moving to Tacoma my cousin and I have become much closer and have ended up spending a lot more time together so it was a lot more fun this year with the family being so peaceful and everyone getting along so well. I was feeling super artistic when we were cutting and it was cold and rainy so I just took the minimal amount of photos and tried capturing the rainfall. This is what I got.

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