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Friday, November 25, 2011

10 random Facts.

1. I don't like to close my blinds unless i'm changing, I like waking up to natural light.
2. I don't like black and brown worn together unless one of the two is a pair of shoes.
3. I'm self conscious of wearing skirts/dresses in public because I have long legs which makes everything look short!
4. I eat bread with EVERYTHING.
5. Tequila is my hard-alcoholic beverage of choice.
6. I still believe in Santa Claus (;
7. I am jealous of all blue/green eyes, they stand out to much!
8. Orange Juice reminds me of having the flu, therefore I won't drink it.
9. I wish I had thinner, straight hair.
10. I want to be a bad ass interior designer/photographer.
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