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Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Decorating

               Okay, so I am totally inconsistent! I know! I am trying though. I work a lot, all through that isn't an excuse and I have been blog reading more then blog posting. Yesterday I actually got away from the computer and went out and bought some of the things I wanted to get for my own little "DIY" holiday decorating. I got some mason jars and other materials, popped by the dollar store and goodwill and this morning when I woke up... I made some cute jars.
Is it just me or is time just whipping by lately? I can't even catch my breath. It's hard to enjoy the holidays because I am too stressed out about getting the house decorated on time, budgeting everything out, Christmas shopping and working! Stressful!
Want to make these?
All you need is :

Mason Jars (or any other vases)
Pine Cones
Florist Moss
Tea Light Candles
Foam cran-balls
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