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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some serious sister sunshine.

We have this really sweet farm down the street from my parents house. It used to be called the "Gig Harbor Equestrian Center" but now it's like "Back wood Farms" or something crazy. It's super exclusive and non-welcoming to the public. You should have seen my sis and I running through the gate with camera and tripod in hand.
We had about I don't know like 5.5 minutes to get ready and take pictures before we got caught. Luckily we didn't. But we did do a lot of gazing out at the horses, they are so beautiful and the land is greener then you can even imagine.
The photo above cracks me up. Emma kept making such serious faces in all of her photos, so when I stood behind her, I made the same downer face and it ended up coming out exactly like this. SO GOOD! (hahahaha)

PS. Daylight savings is once again, confusing my entire day.
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