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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving #2

I'm thankful for this bunch of CRAZIES!
I spent my mom's half of Thanksgiving at my aunt's house who lives on the opposite end of 6th ave as I do. She overlooks all of Gig Harbor which is always a sight for sore eyes during the holidays! It was fun. Took plenty of shots of pear vodka with my cousins (which I don't recommend), made jokes, spoke of old times and ate more food then my tummy could handle.

I won't name a BIG list of what I'm thankful for because it's obvious I have a wonderful family including my dad!! I have great friends and I'm fortunate to be healthy right now, I'm thankful for my pets, my Lindsay Lou and to have a job!

I started off my morning at my mom's in Gig making some little Pilgrim hat cookies, thanks to Pinmarket on Pinterest!
Then headed back to Tacoma for Dinner and photo's with the family, here is how my night progressed.
Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!

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