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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dad's Christmas is starting!

Went to my dad's today and when I was little we used to go ALL out for Christmas time, I always had two real perfect and huge celebrations every holiday but especially at Christmas. One at my Moms side of the family and my dad's! So great!
Well this year is the first year my dad is out of the apartment him and Dawna lived in the last couple of years so we can finally celebrate the right way again! I am so happy! I missed getting a tree with my dad and decorating! Of course he did all of the decorating himself this year, but I give him props.
The funnest part was Dawna, Dad, Kevin, Kashina, Kyle, Kenzee and I all have Stockings hanging on the stairwell, it's so cute! I know, I know we are all K's!

ALSO PS: We went to this AWESOME neighborhood who had the entire street decorated! It was so cute. There was one particular house who is in the paper for their yearly decorating talents. It goes that you can come sit outside there house and tune your radio to the station they ask, donate some canned goods and watch a "light show" that totally goes to the beat of the songs the station plays. There are a series of 8 songs, mostly by Trans Siberian Orchestra but also the Charlie brown theme song. We watched a couple but one full one and I recorded the whole thing! Check out the video!

Untitled from Kelsey Adame on Vimeo.
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