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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Momma's House

Okay my mom is amazing! She decorated her little cottage of house so beautifully! She is too talented! I really admire all the little techniques, I can't wait until she passes down all of her goods to me (;
Her tree is literally the best yet! It's so huge and it's completely full!

We don't have an actual harth or even an actual space for stockings at my mom's house so she improvises and it has always worked out just perfectly. I remember waking up on Christmas morning and there always being big sooty footprints on the carpet where Santa had walked through, and the cookie crumbs would be all over the floor... milk half full and always a note waiting for my right on the kitchen counter. I loved Santa so much, I still feel the presence of something special every year during the holiday season.
I love that my mom's side of the family always over-decorates. They take down all of there day to day decor and replace them with holiday decor. Which HELLO, makes SO MUCH SENSE! Every single person should do this, I don't understand why people don't!
I am so excited for Christmas this year! I also got really excited for my momma too because she got really into Christmas season this year. Of course she didn't beat me because I was already decorated the week before Thanksgiving! I win! BUT regaurdless, this year will be amazing and I am so excited to celebrate!

Merry Christmas Mom! 
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