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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 3 blog inspirations.

               I used to read some of my friends blogs in high school but none of them were ever any good (sorry guys). Not that I have high expectations for blogs because I like reading all sorts of blog material but the facts in the blogs were just never interesting to me.

               When I started being with Lindsay, I would read her sister in law Allie's blog and I was in love with it because it was a mom blog and I thought, HOW CREATIVE! Also, when I moved into the Tacoma House my roommate Dan was dating Libby from "Delightfully Tacky" and I instantly started reading her blog non stop, she's too creative. Another blog I really liked reading was Sheena's blog "The little red house". I really was looking for something creative and simple. These were my top 3 favorite blogs that instantly inspired me to start reading blogs daily. I am pretty much OBSESSED now. I read fitness, photography, DIY and Interior Design blogs mostly... but I also gaze through some mom blogs and fashion blogs.

I encourage everyone to check out these three though, they are great.
1. Allie        2. Sheena        3. Libby
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