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Friday, December 9, 2011

Seattle !

We live about 40 minutes west of Seattle so it's fun to travel up there every once and a while. (Or as often as we possibly can) My mom and I decided to go up there and do some Christmas shopping this last Thursday so that we could see the lights, eat and play around in the City. If you have ever been to Seattle you know how hectic everything is around Christmas time, unlike New York or Chicago... it's a fairly small city but also real big at the same time!
We went to Nordstroms rack and tried on tons of sweaters and found some really good deals. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants at a place called Pacific Place downtown. We also went down to the ORIGINAL Starbucks and had some good ole' fashion Christmas Blend... which was DELICIOUS! The lights were gorgeous and the weather was absolutely perfect. My momma and I always have fun when we hang so it was all in all a good night!
I am excited to go back up and do some ice skating, I believe there is nothing better then Seattle Washington in the Wintertime.
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